Friday, August 15, 2014

Pinterest Procrastination: Punching In The Dark!

What do you do when you're at work, it's raining outside, and you can't get anything accomplished because the power is out so you have no phones or computers?  Well, here at Arrow, we punch!   We decided it would be a great time to cross another Pinterest project off of our list, so we all gathered by the window and worked on Hether's project - punch needle.

We used our cabinet with a clear blank in the opening, and a placed a battery-operated light on the platform to create a light box to transfer our designs onto weavers cloth.

We have to give a big shout-out to our friends at Clover, who generously provided us with our punching supplies! 

We punched away for about an hour and a half, but didn't have time to finish before the lights came back on.  We'll post pics of our projects as soon as we get them done!

If you are forever pinning projects and never getting around to trying them, join the Pinterest Procrastination Challenge with us (check out our pins here: and send us some pics as you complete your pins.  Post them on your board and include the hashtag #PinterestProcrastinationChallenge, or email them to us at


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