Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pinterest Procrastination: Solved!

Do you pin and pin projects you'd love to try on Pinterest, but never go back and actually try any of them?  Here at Arrow we do that all the time, so we are challenging ourselves to complete one pin a month.  

For the month of July, Joy picked one of her pins -  how to make a burlap wreath.  For each wreath we bought an 18" wire wreath ring, 20 yards of burlap garland (2 rolls of 10 yards for one wreath), 7 yards of colored wired burlap for the ribbon (1 roll per wreath) and some floral wire.  To make 4 wreaths it cost us approximately $55.00.

 Joy, Hether, Jo and Jessica with their creations!

Here are our suggestions if you decide to make one yourself:

1.Weave in and out top to bottom
2.Don't wear black
3.You can fluff and tighten to suit your preferences

1.There is no wrong way to do it.
2.Make sure you tie down the end of it to keep it in place.
3.When doing the colored burlap, just tuck it in and pull a little
through the back to make it stay where you want it.

1) Use 2 rolls of burlap- 1 for each side of the wreath
2) Prop the wreath on a table and sit in a comfortable chair when
tucking in the loops
3) I wrapped  the wired accent ribbon around the finished wreath and
added a bow to the top - easy and quick

1. Buy a wreath!  For one of the easiest projects I did not do so well.
2. Cut the 10 yards in half as weaving 10 yards in and out takes
forever.  You need to use more wire, but I think it is worth it.
3. Don't do this around your cat.  Lilly found it fun to dive at the
strips weaving in and out.
4. Don't wear shorts!  Burlap is itchy.  Do in a well-ventilated area
Next month,we'll be trying one of Hether's pins...punch needle embroidery!

Join the Pinterest Procrastination Challenge with us (check out our pins here:  http://www.pinterest.com/arrowcabinets/arrows-pinterest-procrastination-challenge/) and send us some pics as you complete your pins.  Post them on your board and include the hashtag #PinterestProcrastinationChallenge, or email them to us at rebecca@arrowcabinets.com


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