Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Sewing Series Challenge #1 Winner!

A couple of weeks ago, we challenged all of you to create sew up some sort of jewelry organizer and send us some pictures of your efforts.  We looked at the entries, and were knocked out by the one sent in by Suzanne Havlicek!  She went from this:

to this:

We absolutely loved it!  Suzanne, you're our winner - Congratulations!  We'll be sending out your task chair next week.  We'd like to thank everyone that participated.  Be on the lookout for our next challenge.


  1. Wow thank you Arrow for this sewing opportunity and for choosing my project ~ it truly was a labor of love all done by hand stitching! I have had several requests to make more, but have had to turn them down since my quilt orders come first. This chair will make it possible to sit more comfortably in my sewing room more and less sitting in bed hand sewing since I am disabled due to 5 spine fusion surgeries and other debilitating health issues. Thanks again for making my day and sewing days more bearable!!!!

  2. That is very cool! love your creativity!

  3. That's styling storage Congrats.