Monday, February 18, 2013

Time For A Winner!

Another weekend has come and gone, so that means it's time to announce the winner of our Friday Giveaway!  We'll be sending this bag of swag:

to Shawna Kissell from Weiser, ID!  Congrats Shawna!  We'll be sending your prize out shortly. 

Don't forget everyone, we'll be giving away a Gidget II sewing table shortly, so please make sure you're registered.  To sign up, visit our registration page on Facebook at and follow the instructions.  If you've registered for any of our giveaways in the past, no need to sign up again - you're in!


  1. Enjoy your "Swag"! I am sure enjoying mine.

  2. So close yet so far away! I am also in Idaho! Congrats Shawna!