Thursday, October 18, 2012

Holy Cow! Another Contest!

Now that you've all had a little break from National Sewing Month, it's time to get creative again!  Hether fell in love with this adorable stuffed cow at an antique fair:
Isn't she cute?  We know we have some incredibly talented folks out there, and we'd love to see what sort of furry (or not furry) animal friend that you can come up with!
Now, The Rules:

1. Pick out some cute fabric (it can recycled from something too), and take a picture of it before you cut it up.

 2. Stitch up a cute stuffed animal from your fabric - it can even be a mythical beast!
3.  Follow us on Pinterest at - we'll be posting some inspirational stuffed animals pics for you. 

3. Take a picture of your finished project and email BOTH photos (fabric and finished project) to by Friday, November 2nd at 5 pm Eastern time.

4. The projects will be voted on by Arrow staff, and the winner will be announced here on the blog on Wednesday, Nov. 7th.

Creativity counts!! Don't be afraid to go for it! We'll be sending the winner one of our awesome new task chairs as seen below:
(other items shown not included)
Good luck everyone!

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