Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Pop Quiz Time!

We hope you've all been good students and have been studying the Arrow Facebook page and website!  We're going to ask you six questions.  Please send an email with the answers to all six questions to by 7 PM Eastern time tonight (10/31).  We'll draw a random winner from all those that have answered all six questions correctly!

1.  Who is our Customer of the Month?
2.  Who in her life is in remission?
3.  What cabinet does she hope to upgrade to?
4.  What colors does our Suzi cabinet come in?
5.  Who is our Dealer of the Month?
6.  What 4th annual event are they participating in?

The prize is a surprise!  Good Luck everyone!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Friday Winner!

Boy, Sandy packed quite a wallop this weekend.  We hope that all of our friends that were in the areas affected by this monstrous storm are safe and sound.  In the meantime, we'll be sending this bag of swag....

to Linda Sanner of New Stanton, PA!  Congrats Linda!  Don't forget, the entries for our stuffed animal contest are due this Friday.  We've already gotten a few in, and are anxiously awaiting more, so hurry up and sew!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Friday Winners!

We have two winners to announce today!  First up, our swag winner from 10/12/12:

It's  Bonnie Gunn from El Paso, TX!  Congratulations Bonnie!

Next up, our swag winner from 10/19/12:

It's Carol Martin from Bigfork, MT!  Yay Carol!   
Don't forget, we're also having another contest:  Holy Cow!  Another Contest!  Get those sewing machines fired up, we can't wait to see those entries!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Holy Cow! Another Contest!

Now that you've all had a little break from National Sewing Month, it's time to get creative again!  Hether fell in love with this adorable stuffed cow at an antique fair:
Isn't she cute?  We know we have some incredibly talented folks out there, and we'd love to see what sort of furry (or not furry) animal friend that you can come up with!
Now, The Rules:

1. Pick out some cute fabric (it can recycled from something too), and take a picture of it before you cut it up.

 2. Stitch up a cute stuffed animal from your fabric - it can even be a mythical beast!
3.  Follow us on Pinterest at - we'll be posting some inspirational stuffed animals pics for you. 

3. Take a picture of your finished project and email BOTH photos (fabric and finished project) to by Friday, November 2nd at 5 pm Eastern time.

4. The projects will be voted on by Arrow staff, and the winner will be announced here on the blog on Wednesday, Nov. 7th.

Creativity counts!! Don't be afraid to go for it! We'll be sending the winner one of our awesome new task chairs as seen below:
(other items shown not included)
Good luck everyone!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Our Suzi Winner!

First, we'd like to say "thank you" to everyone that took time out of their schedules to enter our National Sewing Month Challenges!  All of the entries were wonderful, and we really enjoyed seeing all of the creativity and effort that went into each and every one!  As promised, we put the names of the folks that entered all four challenges into a hat, and randomly pulled out a winner.  So, this wonderful Suzi storage cabinet will be headed to a new home:

(accessories not included)
It's headed to Kimberly Nugent's house!  Congratulations Kimberly!  We're sure that you'll give little Suzi a good home, and hopefully she'll help keep you organized! 
If you missed you chance to enter the challenges, we'll have more in the days ahead, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Well, It Was Another Tough One....

...but we finally have a winner for our 4th National Sewing Month Challenge!  We loved so many of the entries for so many reasons - some were cute, some were technically challenging - heck, we even had a family pet that helped out!  After all of the discussions were over, Janet F was declared a winner!  We've put together a great slideshow of all the entries.  Make it full-screen and click on the "Show Info" link at the upper right to read about each entry:

Congratulations Janet, and a big "THANK YOU" to everyone that entered our little challenges.
Tomorrow we'll be announcing the winner of the Suzi Storage Cabinet, so stay tuned.  Also, we've got a new Book Nook review tomorrow and another fun challenge for you, so get those thinking caps on!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Our 10/5 Friday Winner!

We really enjoy Fridays because they are Swag days!  Can you believe that next week will be our two-year anniversary of  Friday Swag?  Time flies when you're having fun!  Last week this was our wonderful prize:

And our wonderful winner is Theresa Brooks from Henderson, NV!  Congratulations Theresa!  Don't forget, we'll be having more fun challenges and contests on Facebook, so please make sure you visit our page often!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Lucky Gidget II Winner!

We hit 8500 Facebook fans last week, so that means it's time to have a little Gidget II Giveaway Party!  Woohoo!  Every time we add 500 fans on Facebook, we pick one of our fans and send them a Gidget II Sewing Table!  But the fun doesn't end there -  we also send one to his/her favorite sewing/quilting store!

(sewing machine and accessories not included)

Our lucky fan for this drawing is Rebecca Benson of League City, TX!  Congratlations Rebecca!  We'll be in touch to get the name of your favorite store.  Don't forget everyone, we'll be doing this again when we add another 500 fans, and we'll have a huge giveaway when we hit 10,000!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NSM Challenge #3 - The Results!

Talk about a tough competition!  We REALLY had a hard time picking the winner for this - the entries were all fantastic!  In the end, we chose Tabatha S as our winner. Congratulations Tabatha! She got bonus points for thinking outside the box and using a book-shaped box as her container!  We've put all of the entries in a slideshow for your viewing pleasure.  Make it full-screen and click on the "Show Info" link at the upper right to read about each entry:

Don't forget, you still have time to enter our last challenge!  Details are here:  NSM Challenge #4.  And last but not least, we'll be drawing for the winner of a Gidget II table on Friday, so please make sure you're registered.  The link can be found on our Facebook page under our timeline photo.  If you've already signed up in the past, there's no need to sign up again!  Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our 9/28 Swag Winner!

In between trying to decide on a winner for NSM Sewing Challenge #3 (the entries were all awesome), we figured we'd better post the winner of the swag bag from last Friday:

It's a great prize isn't it?  So without further ado, Cassandra Olsen from Stanwood, WA  - come on down!  We'll be mailing out your prize shortly Cassandra!

Don't forget, we'll be drawing a winner for a Gidget II sewing table shortly, so make sure you're registered!