Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pop Quiz Time?

Have you been a good student and visited the Arrow Facebook page and blog everyday?  It's time to find out!  We're having a little quiz to determine who our best students are!  Before we hand out the quiz, let's go over the rules:

1.  Answer all of the questions correctly - the answers can be found on our Facebook page, blog, and website

2. EMAIL the answers to rebecca@arrowcabinets.com by 5 pm Eastern.  Don't post them here on the blog or on Facebook

3.  We will choose three random winners from all of the correct answers received

4.  Winners will be announced tomorrow

5.  Winners will receive a green Arrow bag, an Arrow lanyard, and our Kangaroo Kabinets mascot, Pockets!

Are you ready?  Here are the questions:

1.  Who is our Customer of The Month?
2.  What era are her favorite fabrics from?
3.  Who is our Dealer of The Month?
4.  What special are they offering if you mention them on Facebook?
5.  Which of our cabinets just became available in Pistachio Green?
6.  Who makes the fabulous orange iron that we're giving away?

Good luck everyone, and remember, no looking at someone else's paper!


  1. Sent mine in. How fun was this!?!?


  2. always fun having an open book test!!! haha

  3. I was so busy sending mine in on time, I forgot to comment. Great fun!