Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Friday Winner!

We hope all of you had a lovely Easter weekend!  We're ready to jump back in this week and have some more fun with you on Facebook!  Do you realize we're only a little over 200 likes away from giving away another pair of Gidget II sewing tables?  One lucky Facebook friend will win one, and they'll get to chose their favorite sewing/quilting store to receive one too!  Be sure to share with all of your sewing friends, maybe we'll hit 8000 likes by the end of the week!

Now, our other announcement - the winner of this cute tote bag!

We think  Brenda Taylor from Flat Rock, IN will look awfully stylish toting this around!  Congratulations Brenda!  We'll be in touch shortly!

Remember, you still have until 5 pm Eastern time today to enter our "Zap Those Wrinkles" contest!


  1. Congrats Brenda! You are going to love that fabric and tote!

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  3. I love this purse or tote!! I love the sewing machine on it:) I just started a blog come on over and join me at