Sunday, April 22, 2012

Friday Night Sew In!

Well, sort of!  :)  For this months Friday Night Sew In, I gave my rotary cutter a workout!   This week I spent a lot of time making pillowcases with the lovely ladies of ConKerr Cancer.  On Wednesday we travelled to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and sewed with the kids.  I was in the Day Hospital, Cindy was on the floor with the inpatients, and we had Irene and Katy holding down the fort with the kids in the Day Clinic.  It always brings a smile to our faces when we see how excited the kids get watching us unpack the sewing machines and fabrics.  It never ceases to amaze me how a thing as  simple as a pillowcase can create so much joy!

Then on Friday, we sewed pillowcases with the kids at Chester County Family Academy. This is always such a fun day for the volunteers and the kids.  The students each made two cases, one for a sick child, and one for themselves.  We sang songs, rolled around on the floor, and shared lots of laughs and giggles! 

After all of that sewing, I decided that instead of making more pillowcases on Friday night, what I really needed to do was wash and cut up fabric for kits, so that we have enough for more events like this!

I love trying to come up with fun combinations that the kids will enjoy picking out.  We hope that YOU enjoyed the Friday Night Sew In, and we want to thank everyone that participated!


  1. Sounds like fun! My kids helped me sew pillow cases for FNSI and it was fun too!

  2. I sewed 3 pillowcases on Thursday, as I thought I was going out on Friday. I finished some other things on Friday, though and went out on Saturday! I'll be shipping my cases to Arrow soon. I want to do a few more to make shipping worthwhile! Great to hear you got kids to sew!