Friday, March 16, 2012

Our 3/16 Winner!

Another Friday, another week of 2012 gone!  And what a week it was, prizes, contests and fun with our Facebook friends!  We're sending out this great prize, a Kangaroo Kutting Mat and a Fiskars Rotary Cutter!

It's headed down to Thearica Burroughs in Henderson, NC!  Congratulations Thearica!  Please email so that we may verify your address!   

We still have some great contests going on - our "Makeover A Dishtowel" contest which closes on 3/20, and our "Handy Hankies" contest which closes on 3/27, so get busy creating and send us some pictures!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out the winner of our "Kiss The Blarney Stone" contest!


  1. Woo woo! congrats to Thearica! She is a great quilter!

  2. Congratulations Thearica!

  3. Hurray Thearica! You will love the cutting mat. I really love the one that I won. I have used it multiple times already! Great company!

  4. Congrats Thearica! I love your name!!

  5. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe I won!!!

    Thank you Gene for the compliment from one Alabamian to another... even though I live in North Carolina now... My heart is always true to Sweet Home Alabama! :)

    I am super excited about winning!! Gonna have a great blog post coming up!!

    Thank you to the Arrow Company many times over!!

    Cindy... My dad spelled my name this way. It is pronounced like "Theresa". I love how he spelled it.. always have! :)

  6. T, I'm so happy for you! It couldn't happen to a nicer quilter!

  7. Congrats Thearica!! You'll have to show it to me when I come visit in April.

  8. Love ya GF! Hope to see you at Magnolia!!