Friday, March 23, 2012

Machine Cover Contest

It's coming up on the last week of National Craft Month, so let's finish it up in style!  For our last NCM contest, we'd like to challenge you to make a pretty cover for your sewing machine.  Carrie sent us a pretty one made from a dishtowel for our last contest, isn't it cute?

We'd love for you to use your imagine and "think outside the box" for this!  Use creative materials, bold prints, maybe even get outside your comfort zone and try a new technique!

The Rules:

1. Sew a cover for your sewing machine or serger.

2. This must be a project made especially for this contest.

3. Take a picture of it, and email it to by   Friday, March 30th at 10 am Eastern time.

4. The entries will be posted in a slideshow on the Arrow blog.

5. The projects will be voted on by Arrow staff, and the project with the most votes wins!

Remember, creativity counts!! Don't be afraid to go for it!


  1. This is cool beans! Mine is ready to send! :)

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