Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Handy Hankies" Contest Winner!

We got some lovely and imaginative entries for our Handy Hankies Contest, and once again we had to go to a tiebreaker to pick the winner!  When the dust settled, the beautiful pillows from Georgene Jacobsen came out as the winner! Congratulations Georgene!

Aren't all the entries pretty? Now you can see why it was so hard to decide! Thanks so much to all of you that entered!

Don't forget, we still have two contests left for National Craft Month:

Machine Cover Contest - deadline is March 30th!

Zap Those Wrinkles Contest - deadline is Monday April 9th!

Get those entries in!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Zap Those Wrinkles Contest!

Have you ever wondered how the stars combat wrinkles?  Well, the secret's out - it's an awesome iron from Reliable Corporation!  They've got the zippy and colorful V50 (and you know we love color here at Arrow),

and the really cool digital V100!

We've heard some great things about these irons, so we're excited to be teaming up with Reliable for a fun (and very generous) giveaway! Check out some of the reviews from "real folks" here: Reliable Reviews.   Reliable has been around since 1955, and they're well known for their innovative products and customer service, just like us!  And, just like us, they want to have some fun on Facebook, so they are going to give not one, but FOUR , lucky folks their choice of either a V50 or a V100 iron.  Amazing! 

Here's how to enter:

1.  Make sure you're registered in the Arrow Contest Database.  Visit our Facebook page, like us, and click on the link that says "Contest Sign Up!"  located under our profile picture on the left.  If you've signed up for any of our previous contests, you don't have to sign up again.

2.  Visit Reliable's Facebook page and "like" them too!

3.  Watch the "Velocity V50 goes Hollywood" video that is posted on Reliable's Facebook page.

4.  Come back to this blog post and leave a comment that includes the following:  your favorite celebrity from the video, your first and last name, and your city and state.

5.  Deadline is Monday, April 9th at 5 pm Eastern time.

6.  We'll pick four random winners from all of the entries received before the deadline.

Good luck everyone!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Swag Winner 3/23/12!

I hope all of you are enjoying your Friday evening! We have been having so much fun with all of you during National Craft Month, and we have even more planned for next week.  We'll be teaming up with our friends at Reliable Corporation for a great giveaway, and we still have two contests you can join in on - our Handy Hankies Contest and our Machine Cover Contest.  Get busy sewing this weekend and see what you can come up with! 

Now, let's get down to business and find out who won our swag bag:

It looks like Linda Pearl from Nashua, NH is the lucky gal today!  Congrats Linda!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and don't forget to pop in on Monday for more fun!

Machine Cover Contest

It's coming up on the last week of National Craft Month, so let's finish it up in style!  For our last NCM contest, we'd like to challenge you to make a pretty cover for your sewing machine.  Carrie sent us a pretty one made from a dishtowel for our last contest, isn't it cute?

We'd love for you to use your imagine and "think outside the box" for this!  Use creative materials, bold prints, maybe even get outside your comfort zone and try a new technique!

The Rules:

1. Sew a cover for your sewing machine or serger.

2. This must be a project made especially for this contest.

3. Take a picture of it, and email it to by   Friday, March 30th at 10 am Eastern time.

4. The entries will be posted in a slideshow on the Arrow blog.

5. The projects will be voted on by Arrow staff, and the project with the most votes wins!

Remember, creativity counts!! Don't be afraid to go for it!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Make Over A Dishtowel" Winner!

The pictures have been received, the votes have been cast, and we have a winner for out "Make Over A Dishtowel" Contest! Once again you all have amazed us with your creativity! Check out the slideshow to see all of the great submissions:

(make sure you click on the "Show Info" tab in the upper right corner in full screen mode so you can see who made each entry) Aren't they all great? Our winner is Vanina Doce-Mood! She made an adorable dress for her daughter from a romper and a vintage tea towel. She's even posted the tutorial for it on her blog here: Mother Crafter Dress Tutorial.

Congratulations Vanina, and a big thanks to everyone that participated!

Don't forget, you still have a few days to get your submissions in for the "Handy Hankies" contest!

Monday, March 19, 2012

"I'd Kiss The Blarney Stone For An Arrow" Winner!

Oh my goodness!   This was one of the hardest contests to judge that we've had yet!  The entries were all so great.  Thanks so much to all of you for being so patient while we were trying to decide on a winner.  It went back and forth several times all weekend long - there was so much we liked about each photo!  In the end though, we had to choose Carrie Slater - she drove 40 minutes fron her house to embarass herself in public by kissing ARROW rock - great job Carrie!  The pictures from Loretta and Helen were great too!  We loved the pot of gold in Loretta's picture, and we couldn't help but laugh when we saw Helen's green ear!!  Check out the slide show:

They're such great sports for playing along! Hope you all had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Our 3/16 Winner!

Another Friday, another week of 2012 gone!  And what a week it was, prizes, contests and fun with our Facebook friends!  We're sending out this great prize, a Kangaroo Kutting Mat and a Fiskars Rotary Cutter!

It's headed down to Thearica Burroughs in Henderson, NC!  Congratulations Thearica!  Please email so that we may verify your address!   

We still have some great contests going on - our "Makeover A Dishtowel" contest which closes on 3/20, and our "Handy Hankies" contest which closes on 3/27, so get busy creating and send us some pictures!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out the winner of our "Kiss The Blarney Stone" contest!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And The Sewnatra Winners Are......

We know you've all been on pins and needles waiting to find out which two lucky fans will be getting an awesome Sewnatra sewing cabinet!  

(machine and accessories not included of course!)

But wait!  Not only are they getting a Sewnatra, their favorite sewing/quilting store will also be receiving a Gidget II!  It's double the fun!  So, who are the lucky fans?

It's Beverly Blair from Coshocton, OH and Caron Smith from Alamagordo, NM!  Congratulations ladies!  We'll be in touch tomorrow!    And we want to send out a big "thank you" to all of our Facebook fans!  Remember, we've got more Gidget II giveaways, and a really big giveaway when we hit 10,000!

"Create A Case" Winner!

We had a wonderful response to our pillowcase contest - we received 26 bright and cheery pillowcases that will soon be making some very sick kids smile!  Thanks so much to all of you that entered!

We thought we'd put Phil to work picking the winner, he doesn't have enough to do.  ;)

So first he shuffled:

Then he drew  a name:

Then he claimed he was exhausted, but we made him go back to work anyway! 

Congratulations A. Taiwo Oki from Richmond, VA!  We've got an awesome Kangaroo Kabinets rolling tote headed your way!  Please email us at  Thanks again to everyone that entered!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Kiss A Blarney Stone, Win A Chair!

St. Patrick's Day is almost here, and it's time to wear green, drink green beer (or Kool-aid), and try to cacth a few leprechauns!  It's also time for another fun contest!  Since green is the official color of the day, we're giving away our cute pistachio green Chair-y!

If you want to get in on the fun, here's what you have to do:

The Rules

1.  Dress up in your best leprechaun-inspired outfit.

2.  Make a sign that says "I'd kiss the Blarney Stone for an Arrow!"

3.  Find a big rock (the bigger, the better).

4.  Get a friend to take a picture of you kissing the big rock while you hold up your sign!

5.  Email your picture to no later that Friday, Mar. 16th at 5 pm Eastern time.  Please include in your email that you give us permission to post your picture on our blog & Facebook.

6.  All the pictures will be posted on St. Patrick's day, and the winner will be chosen by Arrow staff.  REMEMBER - creativity counts!!

Good luck everyone!

Our Friday 3/9 Winner!

Hey everyone!  We hope you all had a great weekend, we sure did!  Since we bombarded you with so much info on Friday, we thought we'd give you a little break and post the winner today.  Remember this bag o' goodies we were giving away?

Well, it's going out to Beverly Loomis from Ithaca, MI.  Congratuations Beverly, we will be in touch!  If you didn't win, don't worry - we're very close to giving away a Sewnatra sewing cabinet!  Once we hit 7500 likes, we'll pick a lucky winner.  Only a little over 100 likes to go, yippee!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Handy Hankies Contest!

We're full swing into National Craft Month, and we've got another fun and easy contest for you! We're announcing it a little early so you all have some time to shop over the weekend!

Back in the day, everyone carried a handkerchief. Some were pretty, some were plain, and some were so fancy we could never imagine anyone actually wanting to use them. Now it seems that every thrift store and antique store has a huge stack of them for sale, and they're a bargain (as long as you stay away from those collectible ones)!

We'd love for you to find some vintage handkerchiefs and make something cute and adorable with them. You'll have until Tuesday, March 27th to find some hankies, whip something up, and get us a picture. We'll choose our favorite, and send them one of these:
Our awesome Kangaroo Kabinets rolling tote! Yippee!

Here are the rules:

1. Make something out of a hankie (or two)

2. This must be a project made especially for this contest.

3. Take a picture of it, and email it to by   Tuesday, March 27th at 3 pm Eastern time.

4. The entries will be posted in a slideshow on the Arrow blog.

5. The projects will be voted on by Arrow staff, and the project with the most votes wins!

Put those creative thinking caps on everyone, we're sure you'll all come up with great projects!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Make Over A Dish Towel Contest!

It's National Craft Month, so we're having a different contest every week in March! This week, it's our "Make Over A Dish Towel" contest! Find a cute dishtowel or tea towel, and turn it into something fun, or functional, or both! We know how creative you all are! Once it's complete, send us in a photo, we'll post them here on the blog, and then we'll choose a winner! What will the winner get? How about our awesome rolling tote?
The Rules:

1. Make something out of a dishtowel!

2. This must be a project made especially for this contest.

3. Take a picture of it, and email it to by Tuesday, March 20th at 3 pm Eastern time.

4. The entries will be posted in a slideshow on the Arrow blog.

5. The projects will be voted on by Arrow staff, and the project with the most votes wins!

That's it - easy peasy! If you have any questions, please email Rebecca at!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our 3/2 Friday Giveaway Winner!

Well, it seems like everyone was in the mood for a prize yesterday - thanks for all of your enthusiasm! We put together a fun swag bag:
and we'll be sending it to Sandy George in Perry, IA! Congrats Sandy! Don't forget, we've got more great giveaways and contests for you - we are very close to giving away a Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet - only 211 likes to go, yippee! We've also got the details for our first National Craft Month contest posted. Check out the details here: Create Case, Win A Tote! We're really looking forward to seeing your entries! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Create A Case, Create A Smile, Win A Tote!

To kick off National Craft Month, we thought we'd challenge all of you to a quick little contest with a purpose!  Last year Arrow was a proud sponsor of ConKerr Cancer's "Miles of Pillowcase Smiles" event.  ConKerr Cancer makes and delivers bright, cheerful pillowcases to chronically ill children in hospitals across North America and in South Africa.During this one-month event last year, over 46,000 pillowcases were made!  Unfortunately, their need for pillowcases is never-ending, and with your help, we'd like to provide them with more!

For this contest, we're asking you to make a bright, fun pillowcase following ConKerr Cancer's guideline, and send it in to us, so that we may add them to the pillowcases we're making and sending to ConKerr Cancer. We'll randomly draw a winner from all of the entries, and we'll send them one of these:

Our awesome Kangaroo Kabinets rolling tote!
Here are the rules:

1.  Visit ConKerr Cancer's website and review the pillowcase guidelines here:  Pillowcase Construction

2.  Make a pillowcase following the guidelines, and mail it to us at:

Arrow Cabinets
310 O'Conner Dr
Elkhorn, WI 53121

3.  Pillowcases must be received by Friday Mar. 9th at 5 pm Central time.  Please include your name and address with your case!

4.  A winner will be drawn at random from all eligible entries and announced on Monday, March 12th.

That's it - easy peasy!  Create a case, create a smile, and win tote!  If you'd like more information on ConKerr Cancer, visit their website at, and don't forget to like them on Facebook!