Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"I ♥ Arrow" Sign Contest Results!

Our Facebook friends ROCK!  All of the entries that we received for our "I ♥ Arrow" sign contest were so great, it was really tough to pick a winner!  The thing that we enjoyed the most however, was getting to see all of your smiling faces!  We get to "chat" with so many of you on a weekly basis, it's fun to finally see you all up close (and we enjoyed seeing the kids too!).


Check out the slideshow of all the entries - to see the names, click on the "Show Options" selection in the upper right hand corner of the slideshow.

After much deliberating, Terri Jones was chosen as our winner! Her banner won over everyone's ♥'s!

Congratulations Terri, and a big "THANKS" all of you that entered, it was so great to look at all of these wonderful signs!  In fact, we're sending a "Pockets" and a green Arrow bag to everyone that participated!  We'll be contacting all of you shortly. 

Remember, please check back with us here and on Facebook often, we have more fun planned in the weeks to come!


  1. Great job Terri ... that's absolutely adorable. Such a creative mind you have!!

  2. Terri's was awesome too! I figured it'd be between Terri and Sandra! They were both awesome!!

  3. Nice work terri! Your banner was great! My daughter sends her congratulations! :)

  4. Wow, what an honor and surprise! The email actually brought tears to my eyes. Arrow, YOU ROCK! It was tough competition and everyone's signs are awesome.

    P.S. I just had over five inches cut off my hair this morning. I don't even look like that anymore!

    Thank you Arrow/Kangaroo

  5. Love it Terri! What a super nice job and Wahoo! I'm excited we all get bags! I have never won anything in my life!!!

  6. Congratulations Terri! Such talent you have. I bet your new hairstyle is gorgeous :)