Monday, January 16, 2012

Handmade Valentine's Card Contest

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and what better way to say "Be Mine" than a handmade card?  Of course, since we're all about sewing around here, we're partial to handmade cards of the fabric variety!  We'd love to see what beautiful creations you can come up with, so we're having a contest!

To enter, just send us a picture of a Valentine's card that you've created incorporating fabric and sewing.  Email your pictures to by Tuesday, Feb. 7th 2012 at 3 pm Eastern time.  We'll have the staff choose the winner, and we'll send them these lovely prizes:

An adorable tote and a Mighty Brite light!  Good luck everyone, we can't wait to see what you make!

Please email if you have any questions!


  1. Great contest! At World of Charity Stitching we are making cross stitch Valentine Cards for a nursing home. Did you know that many people at nursing homes are forgotten on Valentine's Day! I encourage everyone to make some for their local nursing home.

    "A Year of Giving"

  2. One year I had absolutely no money to spend on Valentines. I went to a resale shop and bought red shirts for my children. Then I cut hearts out of their old denim and sewed them around the neck. They loved them and wore them to school on Valentines Day.

  3. I belong to WOCS charity group with Dona and so far I made three valentine cards for the Seniors and I just finished making 95 Strawberry shaped Lavender Sachets to fo with the cards. some of our members are sending me their CCS squares to be made into cards.

  4. I will definitely be sketching out some designs tonight to be worked on and perfected for this contest!

  5. This will be fun!

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