Monday, January 30, 2012

Our 6500 Likes Gidget II Winner

Wow!  Thanks to all of you, we hit 6500 likes on Facebook this past Friday!  Yippee!  That means that our wonderful Gidget II will once again be putting on her party hat, packing her suitcase and traveling to a new home!  Plus, we will be sending our winner's favorite sewing/quilting shop a Gidget II as well!  A double win!
*sewing machine not included

Our lucky winner this week is Pat Kilmer from St. Thomas, Ontario! Congratulations Pat!  We will be in touch shortly! 

Don't forget, we'll be doing another Gidget giveaway when we reach 7000 likes, and a sewing cabinet when we reach 7500!  Good luck to everyone, and thanks for hanging out with us on Facebook again last week!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Friday Giveaway Winner!

We sure are HOPPY it's Friday, aren't you?  We thought this week we'd let our Kanagaroo Kabinets mascot, Pockets, hop on over to someone's house for a visit.  She's also bringing along the latest issues of Love of Quilting & Sew It All, plus an Arrow bag!

We sure hope Billy Hockman of Logan, OH has some kangaroo food on hand to keep Pockets happy!    Congratulations Billy, we'll be in touch!

We also hit 6500 likes on Facebook today, so that means we'll be giving away a Gidget II on Monday - yippee! 

A Little Trivia Quiz!

UPDATE: We have a winner!  Joy Todd!

We love to spend time with our friends on Facebook, but did you know that there is a lot of great information on our websites, and  We thought we’d have a little contest to see how much all of you really know about us, and what kind of "website detectives" you can be!  Plus, we just got the DVD of Sew It All -  Season 1, and we really,really, really, really want to give it away! 

Be the first person to email us the correct answers to the six following questions, and we’ll send you the DVD!

1.  What is the name of the newest Arrow sewing cabinet?

2.  Which two Arrow sewing cabinets come in black?

3.  When did we start making Kangaroo Kabinets?
4.  What is Phil doing in the “Sturdy Gidget” video?

5.  Which two Kangaroo Kabinets are your favorite?
6.  Name two dealers in your state that sell Arrow cabinets (and don't forget to tell us your state!).

Email your answers to  Once we have a winner, we’ll update you on Facebook and this blog post!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our Friday Winner!

Until we hit 6500 likes and give way yet another Gidget II, we'll still be having our Friday drawings of course!  This week, we're sending this:

a giant 40" x 46" cutting mat to Sandy Martin of  Soda Springs, ID!  We hope you have room for it Sandy, and we sure hope you'll put it to good use!

We'd like to thank all of you for hanging out on Facebook with us for another week!  Please remember that you need to sign up in our contest database to be entered in all of our drawings.  The link is located on our Facebook page, under our profile picture.  It's titled "Contest Sign Up!".  You only need to register once for ALL of our drawings.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another 500, Another Gidget II!

Boy, the word must really be getting around about our great giveaways!  We hit 5500 likes on Facebook last week, and then over the weekend we managed to hit 6000!  That means we get to give away another Gidget II Sewing Table today!  Yippee!  Gidget never gets tired of putting on her party hat and packing her suitcase! 

(sewing machine not included)

This week she's headed off to the home of Michelle Davis-Swain in East Tawas, MI .  Congratulations Michelle!   Michelle also gets to choose her favorite quilting/sewing shop to receive a Gidget as well.  I'll bet she is going to be their favorite customer from now on!

If you didn't win this week, don't fret.  We'll be doing this again as soon as we hit 6500 likes on Facebook, and we're only about 300 away!  In the meantime, if you've got a few scraps laying around and some time on your hands, be sure to check out our Valentine's Card Contest.  We'd love to see your creativity!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Handmade Valentine's Card Contest

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and what better way to say "Be Mine" than a handmade card?  Of course, since we're all about sewing around here, we're partial to handmade cards of the fabric variety!  We'd love to see what beautiful creations you can come up with, so we're having a contest!

To enter, just send us a picture of a Valentine's card that you've created incorporating fabric and sewing.  Email your pictures to by Tuesday, Feb. 7th 2012 at 3 pm Eastern time.  We'll have the staff choose the winner, and we'll send them these lovely prizes:

An adorable tote and a Mighty Brite light!  Good luck everyone, we can't wait to see what you make!

Please email if you have any questions!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Wow! What a Week!

Thanks to all of you, we met Hether's challenge and hit 5500 likes before Saturday!  That means that we can send our wonderful Gidget II sewing table to not one, but TWO lucky folks! 

Gidget II has her party hat on and her suitcase packed! She's ready to go!  Party hat, suitcase, and sewing machine not included, of course!

PLUS, we're sending a Gidget II to the winners'  favorite quilting/sewing store!  That's a total of four Gidgets that we're giving away!

I'm sure you're all anxious to know who those lucky winners are, so without further ado they are:

Nancy Barry of Millers, MD
 and Kelly Sasman from Hortonville, WI

Yippee! Congratulations ladies!  We will be in touch shortly.  We also want to thank all of you for spending another fun week with us.  Don't forget, we're very close to giving away another Gidget II next week, so stay with us!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another Friday, Another Winner!

Are you all wondering what fell out of the prize closet?   It was this:

And it's going to Diane Myron from Planatation, FL!  She's our lucky 1/7/12 winner!  We still have a lot left in the closet, so don't be disappointed if you didn't win this time around - we've got lots of Fridays to go!  We're also getting closer and closer to giving away a Gidget II sewing table (machine and party hat not included),

so pass the word along to all of your sewing friends to head on over and like us on Facebook!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Our New Years's Day Winner!

We hope all of you had a safe and happy end to 2011, and are ready to spend 2012 with us!  We are very excited about all of the fun things that we have planned, and hope you are too.  Remember, we will once again be giving away a Gidget II sewing table every time we add 500 fans Facebook, and when we hit 10,000 fans, we'll give away another sewing suite! 

Right now though, we'd like to tell you who was lucky enough to win this yesterday:

It was Patsi Novia from Fairfield Bay, AR!  Yeehaw!  Patsi, we will be in touch once we get back into the swing of things later this week!  Until then, run and get a lottery ticket you lucky lady!