Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Friday Winner - Finally!

Did you miss us yesterday? We all headed down to Houston to set up our booth for the International Quilt Market, so we were a bit busy! Now that the booth is set up, the show is open, and all of our great cabinets are wowing the crowds, we thought we'd sneak on here and post our winner! Since the June Tailor booth isn't too far away, why don't we give away the June Tailor Thread and bobbin organizers?

They'll come in pretty handy for organizing all of that thread, won't they Cindi Clark from Georgia? Congrats, you're our winner! If you didn't win, please keep checking in on our Facebook page this weekend. We'll be posting some fun giveways while we're here at Market!


  1. The Thread Racks arrived today! Thank you so much. I'd been so busy finishing a quilt that was for a wedding present that I had hardly been on line so it was a very pleasant surprise. They are great! I have just the place for them and it won't take long to fill them up. (I just got a new embroidery machine.) Thanks again.