Friday, September 2, 2011

Hurrah! It's A Long Weekend!!

We hope you all enjoy the long weekend, most of us here at Arrow will! Unfortunately, poor Hether & Phil have to work a trade show, so they will be up before the sun rises tomorrow morning. It's too bad they don't have one of these to help them get ready:

An awesome Mighty Brite light! I bet Hether would love to have that handy magnifying glass so she could pluck her eyebrows, hee hee! We think one of our Facebook fans would find this pretty handy to have around as well, so that's why we've reached into our magic hat and drawn a name - Heidi Lehnig from San Antonio!

Heidi, we hope you put your new light to good use! We'll be in touch soon. Thanks for being our Facebook friend, and thanks to all of our other Facebook friends as well. We're getting closer to giving away a Gidget II, so remind everyone to give us a "like" on Facebook so we can get there a little faster!

Have a great weekend everyone!