Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Show us your sewing space

Many people don't realize the efficiency and convenience of having a designated sewing area or cabinet. Most people sew on their kitchen table and that is that. I have even heard of people sewing on a T.V. tray! We want people to realize that a true sewer should be sewing in the flatbed position, where the needle is level with the surrounding table. I'm curious what you are using to sew. We here at Arrow are doing a contest to see who out there has the worst sewing space/cabinet. Please comment with the picture and description of what you use to sew and we will pick the winner we think has the worst sewing area. If you are the lucky winner you will receive a small sewing box with the Alexander Henry fabric on it and a coupon for up to $50 off a sewing cabinet at your nearest dealer. This contest is for the whole month of October so be sure to get your pictures in right away.

1 comment:

  1. My current sewing space consists of a "corner" at the end of my desk. It is close to the wall and requires me to 'scrunch' the fabric or if a project is too large, then move my sewing machine to the dining room table. If I keep a chair in front of my machine, it prevents my closet door from opening, so I am required to move a chair there only when I am going to sew. I was looking at the arrow website and found this blog because I really need to find a better solution for my sewing machine space. I especially like the flat bed sewing option on your cabinets and tables.