Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quilt Market anyone?

Next week we travel down to Houston for the International Fall Quilt Market. Every year we meet the craziest, yet sweetest people around. Die-hard quilt enthusiasts and store owners have aisles and aisles of quilt supplies, sewing machines, cabinets, cutting tools, mats, designs, patterns, you name it to browse through. The 3 day event is usually barely enough time to make 1 pass around stopping at each booth. The toughest part about it is being able to have your feet keep up with your wallet. After the first day your exhausted! It's like a shopping spree and marathon rolled into one. But again, everyone is so friendly and we love coming down and working a booth dedicated to the Arrow and Kangaroo cabinets. We see both new faces and old friends during the 3 day period (many stop by for our t-shirt and candy give aways). Now we've heard the Quilt Festival, the consumer event held right after Market, is even crazier. However, we have never witnessed it. Who out there is going to Quilt Market or Festival?


  1. Next week? What a coincidence! My 20th High School reunion will be the same week. I am just thrilled as pie that I will be able to go to my reunion and see the show. I love to quilt. Hell ya. I love everything about quilting and quilters. Don't get me started about the quilt desk and the people who sell your desks. They sure can dance. See you there.

    Class of 1990 Rules

  2. That's one thing I've never tried..quilting.
    I'd love for someone to show me how.
    I do knit however, just simple patterns thou.