Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spring Quilt Market

Nothing spells spring like a trip up to Minneapolis for the International Quilt Market. Being in Wisconsin, it was a relatively easy trip to make. Of course the cabinets were the stars of the show (especially Olivia and Pixie). We started the show selling some some things at Sample Spree. If you don't know what Sample Spree is think of the yelling and order swapping of the New York Stock Exchange, but instead there are sewing related items and 20 dollar bills flying around - that is sample spree. The line to get in was over 200 people long! We couldn't sell sewing cabinets there because it is strictly cash and carry, so we decided to sell aprons, bags, and baskets that had the Alexander Henry fabric that matches our sewing chair. It was quite a 2 hour fiasco taking orders and passing out product. By the time we were done we felt like we ran a marathon, and we were in one place selling. I can only imagine what the people who were running around felt like. It was quite interesting. Then the next 3 days was the actual show. It was very busy, but fun. We always love going to these shows because we get to meet the dealers face to face, sometimes for the first time. One couple will love meeting with are Bill and Missy Gouty. They own "Threads of Time" in Danville, IL. Great people. They actually have a sewing retreat every few months were their guests come and actually stay for the weekend. They have a large one story building that they turned into a large sewing building for people to come, eat and sew. It was so cool to hear. We decided to go down one weekend and stay overnight and sew (even though we are beginners at best). Another dealer we love seeing is Mary and Monica Forte from Fabrics Etc. 2. They own a large store in Bensenville, IL. Their store has tons of space for all your sewing needs, plus they have a classroom they call the "fish bowl" which is the coolest idea. It is a classroom in the front of the store so people walking by can see whats going on in the class. You'll have to check it out if your in the area. After it was over we met lots of new dealers and friendly people. Quilt Market is one of a kind because it is so big and there is so much to see that all the sewing dealers just walk around with big smiles on the faces all day, which makes it so fun to talk to them.


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