Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What happens in Vegas...

We recently flew back from the VDTA show in Las Vegas, which was quite a show. Despite the poor economy and burst housing bubble people were buying Kangaroo Kabinets like they were life rafts on the Titanic. Many new retailers decided to join the Kangaroo Klub and get exclusive rights to sell the luxurious Kangaroo Kabinets. For a list of retailers near your visit our "Where to Buy" section of the website and look for our gold star members.
Below are pictures of our new Klub members.

On the top, Robin, from the Stitching Post in Oklahoma City became our first Kangaroo Klub member. On the bottom, Trenna, and Mary show there smiles for becoming not only a first time Kangaroo dealer but also joined the klub. We had to pry the cute stuffed kangaroo out of their hands! Jk.

Besides cabinets, we did have a great time in "Sin City." With the NCAA basketball tournament in full momentum, we got to visit the sports books and see all the action of sports gambling. Also with the spring breakers the streets and casinos were mobbed with people of all sorts. Check out some of the views:

While at the casinos we did more watching than anything. I find it amazing to watch $100 a hand Black Jack tables. I'm not much of a gambler and it showed while I was out there. $50 dollars brought for gambling, $50 dollars lost. However, it was definitely an experience worth more than $50.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Serging Class '10

So we had out Serging class the last few weeks and it was a complete success. We wanted to learn how our cabinets can be conducive to sergers so we decided to make some mittens and scarves to try it out. Jo, our resident sewing teacher, guided us in our struggles to master the serger. We found out that besides the threading of the machine, which we let Jo handle, it was not that difficult. There was no back stitching or trimming of fabric, which we didn't mind at all. All of our mittens turned out really well. Some of them were more pointy than others (serging rounded edges was a little tough) but they were all very usable.