Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vancouver 2010

As winter wears on we get to relish in the Olympics games of 2010, the culmination of 4 years of trash talking between Scandinavian countries vying for the title of best ice sweeper - aka curling. But seriously I love the Olympics. There's nothing better than competing the top athletes around the world in sports that I would never even have known existed if it weren't for 2 weeks of games every 4 years. My favorite the biathlon - which blends two otherwise contradictory events into a cross county skiing and rifling competition. I little history: the biathlon was actually created in the early 19th century when a Swedish man would ski from bar to bar hustling owners for drinks in target shooting. Well I might have made that up... but it sounds about right. As much as a joke, I really do get into the event. I was on the edge of my seat this weekend watching these athletes ski as fast as they could to the shooting range and without time to wipe the saliva dripping from their mouth, shoot at a target 50 meters away. The saliva was gross but it was impressive to watch them work so hard to ski and then steady themselves enought to shoot a rifle with pinpoint precision. Another thrilling event is speed skating... go Apolo Ohno! Its almost like a Nascar race - where the best part is the crash. This was especially true this year because Apolo won silver because of a crash ahead of him. And my secret joy is the figure skating. I will admit that I watch this intently because I find it so amazing that you can toss a tiny little girl in the air and she lands perfectly on one leg like its nothing. I couldn't do that on carpet, let alone ice. The only thing that makes me mad is USA never gets a medal in couples skating. Why is that? Maybe its because when someone asks an American if they can toss them into the air spinning like a frisbe and land on ice they say... not thanks I'd rather go golfing. Smart.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Looking for sewing accessories

Have you been searching the web for a nice website to buy sewing machines, sewing accessories vacuums or anything in between? Then search no more, visit Sew Vac Direct. You'll find things from ironing boards to ott-lights, sewing machines to air purifiers all at one great location (not to mention our great Arrow and Kangaroo Kabinets *wink wink*). They are one of the largest sewing specialty dealers in America and have been around for over 20 years. One of the great things about Sew Vac Direct is the customer service. They are a friendly group of Texans who will help you with whatever you need. They sell almost any brand you can think of and they are well educated on repairs and upgrades. You won't find any better prices on the Internet and that's their "personal guarantee" Here are their 7 reasons to buy from them:

1. We appreciate you, the customer, and we always treat our customers with the greatest consideration and courtesy.
2. We'll be here tomorrow. Our business has been headquartered in College Station, Texas for twenty years. We are one of the largest dealers in the USA.
3. We'll do our best to remedy any problem you might have with a purchase. We are old fashioned; we believe we have an obligation to you if you purchase from us. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau of the Brazos Valley and Deep East Texas.
4. Your order will be filled accurately and shipped promptly. We have thousands of machines in stock. We have been selling by mail order for over fifteen years.
5. We are authorized for the brands we sell; therefore, not only will we back up your purchase, but the manufacturer will as well.
6. You won't pay too much. Our volume buying and low overhead assures you of a low price and top quality products.
7. You'll help a child. A part of all our sales go to worthy non-profit organizations that help unfortunate children.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day Style Designs

So in the process of doing my everyday business I came in contact with Leah Day, creator of the website Day Style Designs. She has decided to carry our Gidget sewing table on her website. But before she did, I started looking at her website... and WOW - I was impressed. Leah has started a blog 365 days of free motion quilting. Now you know how I am - what the heck is free motion quilting? So I did some research, aka I googled: "what is free motion quilting." After getting a few textbook definitions I went back to her website with a better understanding of what she's doing, and its nothing short of extraordinary. Each day, for one year, Leah is creating a new free motion design, video taping it and sharing it with everyone online. And let me tell you, this is definitely not for beginners like myself. I made a table runner last summer and I thought that was hard. Some of her designs are so awesome and creative, you have to check them out - like the Day 104 - the Paisley Flower (top). Obviously a more advanced piece. !!!!!! That's the only way I can describe it. Some day I hope to try out some of her beginning designs, but I have a few more table runners to practice on before that happens. Another one I loved was the Tree Roots - Day 12 (bottom). It has a bit of an eery or mysterious feeling to it but that's what I love about it. I am anxious to check out her designs each day - great job Leah :) If you haven't already check it out and feel free to leave a nice comment.

Day Style Designs Online