Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't get swept up in the Serging.

Each year, here at Arrow, we take a sewing class taught by our own Jo Jacobi. Last year she taught us the basics of quilting in a fun little class where we made table runners. This year we are making gloves and scarves, an upgrade to the serger! This is my first time serging and I am excited. Hether is going to buy the fabric tonight and we a scheduled to begin next week. My hope is to be done in time to use them before spring. Being in Wisconsin that is more than likely considering our cold weather usually stays with us until mid-April. As the only guy in the class I have to show these girls how great us men can be a sewing. FYI is was the A student in the quilting class last year (until the end - things got a little hairy). I will make sure to post pictures as we progress through the class. Jo has also agreed to show me how to make chair covers so I can use them in my wedding next year!


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