Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Part, eh?

This last weekend was Halloween, the one day a year where you can dress in any outfit imaginable and still fit in. This year Hether had a little custom party at her house and it was a blast. The setting was perfect, an old three story victorian styled house on a cold dark night in Wisconsin. The outside was secured by ravens and mummies and the inside was riddled with spiders and ghosts. As you walked through the entrance you were greeted by the hosts Morticia (Hether) and Gomez. There was food and drinks, group Pictionary, Wii bowling and scary decorations. There were all sorts of customs, all very creative and well planned: Bob Marley and a Titanic non-survivor; M&M (Jo) with rowdy Sailor; 80's couple (Phil). Even the dogs were dressed up, Puglsey and Wednesday, to match our hosts. One of the coolest things was the cake. It was made by the local baker and it was a fake dead blackbird with red cake in the middle. It was very delicious as well, but it turned your mouth green from the black frosting. Our friend Bonnie sewed her own costume, she was a maid. It was very well done and congrats go out to her for being so creative. Her partner came as a blind referee, hilarious. We didn't even think about it but we should have had a contest on best costume. Which costume do you like the best? Our guests did a great job preparing the party. One of the funniest decorations was the motion sensing, rocking picture frame that cackled at you when walked by it. It scared anyone who dared to go in front of it. It looked so realistic to which made it even funnier, because you would look at it real close and then it would go off. I can't tell you how many people almost ran out of the room in fright. Too funny. Send comments of which costumes were the best and if you had any interesting costumes of your own.


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