Friday, October 30, 2009

Time to plug

Looking for a Holiday gift for someone close to you? Is this person a sewing enthusiast and already has a sewing machine? Ask yourself, does this person have an adequate place to put their machine or accessories? We might have something for you. Arrow Cabinets is having a sale on all of its cabinets (including Kangaroo) from November 11th through December 23rd. Our brick and mortar dealers (excludes internet dealers) will be offering these cabinets at prices lower than they have been all year. This is by far the best chance to buy. Now you might say "Well I don't want to have to find a store and shop for what cabinet to buy, then have to put it together before the holidays." I also have an answer for that. Find our list of internet dealers at our website and look at Kangaroo Kabinets. We offer to ship your cabinet fully assembled to any room in your house. How easy is that? Just click, wait 2-3 weeks and presto... you have a sewing room ready to go! That might quite possibly be the easiest present you ever bought. Oh and guys, I'll tell you a little secret. You can also put your new flatscreen T.V. you got as a present on the cabinet when it is not being used! Its win, win. Just be sure to move it before you start sewing, otherwise you will end up with a broken T.V.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quilt Market 2009

So we returned from International Quilt Market last week in Houston and it was just as fun as years past. Our fun little giveaway this year was the cool Arrow/Kangaroo pink t-shirts that had a picture of a treddle sewing machine on the front and "You Sew Girl" or "Its Hip to Hem" on the back. We couldn't have gone through them any faster. Then on top of a free t-shirt, we walked the show every hour and picked a lucky contestant who was wearing the shirt and they won a nice little sewing accessory to go with their machines. We had people circling the booths like sharks around prey. You can see a picture of the t-shirt worn by Hether with a nice Australian lady, holding the "kangy", we met who just loved the Kangaroo Kabinets. She wasn't the only one to drool over some of the cabinets we had brought. I can't tell you how many people went crazy over our green Olivia cabinet, which we had front and center for everyone to see. You could actually take a pin to every person's thought bubble as they walked by imagining themselves sewing in Olivia, it was so funny. We also had a guest appearance by a certain Eleanor Burns, author of Victory Quilts and T.V. show host "Quilt in a Day." It was very cool. We had to get a pic with her just to prove that met her. She even lucked out and got one of our cool shirts. Unfortunately I had to take the picture so I'm not in it, Hether and Jo are though and you can see how star-struck they are. Come on we live in Wisconsin, besides Tony Romo every now and again, there are no celebs by us. Overall we had a great show and a fun time. I love coming to Houston everytime I go, even though we never saw the sun once because of the clouds. Next year be prepared because we will be armed with more t-shirts and we'll be slinging them out a passer byers like peanuts at a baseball game. Stop in a say hello.