Friday, September 25, 2009

Our modest little champion

So I was surprised to find out that one of our coworkers, Sheri, has quite a little secret she's been keeping from us. She was awarded the Grand Champion in the knitting competion at the 160th Walworth County Fair a few weeks ago! Now if I had won I would have been running all through the office congratulating myself, but that's not Sheri's style. She just modestly kept a little secret from the rest of us. Well sorry Sheri but I'm not so modest and I had to give you a "shout out" for your excellent job. Take a look at the cool things she made to win her numerous awards:

This is the first purse she knitted. She used a flexible hard plastic to keep the shape. FYI, it holds two bottles of wine perfectly! First Place.

This is one of my favorites, if you look closely you'll notice that each little piece is a plastic grocery bag that was knitted together to make a large bag. Going green, I love it.

This purse was felted with a really neat flower pattern on the inside.

Lastly, the Grand Champion article... the Quilt. This quilt took her over 9 months of solid work to perfect. It took the home the number Ribbon of the whole fair! How cool is that.
So when I found out about all of these cool little projects I made her bring them in so I could take pictures and show to everyone. Next year she is going to knit me a Chicago Bears sweater :)
Congrats Sheri!!!