Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Free Thread Anyone?

For the month of September Arrow is offering a FREE 50 pack of Coats & Clark thread with the purchase of any Kangaroo Kabinets. This is a great value for all of you sewers/quilters who are starting to use your machine more now that it is starting to get cold outside (it was below 40 this morning here :( Not to mention Halloween is coming up and your kids/grandkids might need some new costumes. My daughter is 18 months and this will be her first actual Halloween for trick-or-treating. Last year we did it the easy way and bought a cheap costume at Walgreens, but this year I am thinking of making a one for her. Does anyone have any ideas for me? Keep in mind my sewing skills are beginnner at best. So pillow case ghosts might be my best bet. Any help would be great. Oh and here is a picture of my daughter so you have an idea of what i'm working with :) Can you tell she has my "corny" smile


  1. cute little girl I am a fiskarteer and want to thank Arrows for the giveaway on the fiskateer site Jeano #5242

  2. Oh boy you can make anything!~ I make my family of 5 FULL costumes every year and I started where you are, in the beginning!
    She is a doll! How about a CUT Ladybug?
    Or make a tutu?
    You can make a really cute with using the tutu idea but instead of Pink you use Black and sparkly (green maybe?) Tulle and put it over a black pair of leggings and top.
    Then add Striped socks and a hat with a matching bow from the tulle!