Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Quilt Runners

Hether, Alisha and I finally finished our quilt runners last week and surprising (especially for me) they all turned out really well. Jo was our teacher and she did a great job. Take a look at our great little quilts. For all three of us this was the first time we had quilted and we were a little green around the gills. Jo, who has years of quilting experience, gave us a little history of quilts and why/how they were made. We spent 30-60 minutes each day piecing our quilts together under the guidance of Jo, who had us do a lot more seam ripping than we all would have liked :) But it was necessary. After a few weeks we sewed our last stitch and we were finished. We all gave a sigh of relief at the end, but now I kind of miss that half hour a day of getting away from calls and emails. Shhh don't tell anyone. Hopefully we can do this again.


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