Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brett Favre

This isn't sewing or furniture related but I don't know if you overheard the big news (well its big news in Wisconsin), Brett Favre is now a Viking! This is the ultimate disrespect for any cheese head. A treachery of this magnitude hasn't been felt since Benedict Arnold betrayed our fledgling country to the British. For any fellow Favre haters out there please comment with any jokes or pictures of your favre dart board and win a nice little prize from Arrow Cabinets.

"Brett Favre signed with the Vikings today. He looks forward to retiring a 4th time"
-Steve Hofstetter's National Lampoon Sports Minute (C)


  1. Ok my husband will kill me for posting this actually he is not thrilled the Vikings signed Brett Favre

    The Vikings have agreed to pay Brett Favre $25 million over two years, or roughly $100 per interception


    Members of the Minnesota Vikings say they're happy the team has acquired Brett Favre. Mainly for the retirement party

    OK this is my favorite

    Due to "Cash for Clunkers" ending this Monday, Brad Childress had to quickly get Brett Favre to sign with the Minnesota Vikings!

  2. Yep - this is big news here in WI! I don't have any good jokes (only bad ones!)

    Here is a bad one I heard this week: For Brett Favre's latest comback out of retirement, the Vikings have assigned him a new jersey number: 401K.

  3. Have you heard that Brett Favre retired...oh wait no, he didn't.
    Have you seen the talking Brett Favre yo yo? As it goes up & down it says, retired, active, retired, active.