Tuesday, August 25, 2009

National Sewing Month

September is coming up and it is National Sewing Month. Who out there has any big projects coming up? We are looking for a nice simple little project to occupy us the next few weeks. We finished our quilt runners a while ago and now we are craving more! If anyone out there has any ideas please let us know. We are open to anything. Oh and please, don't make it to girly... :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brett Favre

This isn't sewing or furniture related but I don't know if you overheard the big news (well its big news in Wisconsin), Brett Favre is now a Viking! This is the ultimate disrespect for any cheese head. A treachery of this magnitude hasn't been felt since Benedict Arnold betrayed our fledgling country to the British. For any fellow Favre haters out there please comment with any jokes or pictures of your favre dart board and win a nice little prize from Arrow Cabinets.

"Brett Favre signed with the Vikings today. He looks forward to retiring a 4th time"
-Steve Hofstetter's National Lampoon Sports Minute (C)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Quilt Runners

Hether, Alisha and I finally finished our quilt runners last week and surprising (especially for me) they all turned out really well. Jo was our teacher and she did a great job. Take a look at our great little quilts. For all three of us this was the first time we had quilted and we were a little green around the gills. Jo, who has years of quilting experience, gave us a little history of quilts and why/how they were made. We spent 30-60 minutes each day piecing our quilts together under the guidance of Jo, who had us do a lot more seam ripping than we all would have liked :) But it was necessary. After a few weeks we sewed our last stitch and we were finished. We all gave a sigh of relief at the end, but now I kind of miss that half hour a day of getting away from calls and emails. Shhh don't tell anyone. Hopefully we can do this again.