Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We are on week 2 of our quilting class with Jo. I now finally understand why quilters need so many rulers.... and thank God for the person who invented the rotary cutter! By the way I am a really bad rotary cutter (secretly I have been pawning the cutting off on the others! "Is that my phone? Jo can you finish that up." :) We have used our Pixie table and the top of the Dingo for all our cutting and spreading out. We have used Fiskars mats, Arrow mats and Fiskars scissors and rotary cutters. Sewing has taken place on our Gidget table. All great tools to have.
It certainly gives you an appreciation for all those ladies years ago cutting with regular scissors all the squares and triangles needed, not to mention hand sewing the whole thing together! I will cherish my grandmother's quilts more and stop letting the dogs sleep on them after this class that is for sure!
Lastly Alisha and I both learned not to be so greedy. I bought a layer cake from Moda for us to cut up and make our small table runner quilts. What is great about the layer cake is all the fabric coordinates, what is bad is Alisha and I loved every piece. We left poor Phil with all the solids and what we considered the uglier fabric, what man wants a quilt any way...right? Well in the end when we laid our quilts out before sewing, Phil's was awesome because he had far more contrast in fabric. Thus Alisha and I had to go back and cut more solid pieces to make ours not look so patterned. One could spend hours moving squares here and there, inside and out.

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  1. I don't think I ever would have taken up quilting if not for rotary cutters!