Thursday, June 4, 2009

Watching TV the other night, a preview for a new movie came on, Julie & Julia. The premise of the movie was Julie a young woman would prepare one meal a day for 365 days, out of the Julia Child's cookbook and blog about her experiences. This idea intrigued me.
So starting in July I have challenged the staff here at Arrow & Kangaroo Cabinets to do a new crafting project each month and then blog about their experience. Our first project will be taught by Jo , our resident quilter guru, she will teach us all the art of quilting by making a small quilt runner. The following months will be cross stitching, punch needle and scrapbooking. Poor Phil! Just what every sales guy wants to do, learn a new craft project once a month. We will try and "man it up" for him! Please follow along on our summer adventure. We would love to hear any suggestions for small crafting projects an office environment can do.


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