Friday, May 22, 2009

As The Bobbin Turns...

Hello from Arrow Cabinets to all our fellow sewing bloggers! Just a reminder to finish up those last-minute Memorial Day quilts or projects. We just received our new sewing chairs in and wow are they flying out the door! If you have yet to see this new fabulous creation I have attached a pic to show you. Is'nt the fabric unlike anything you've seen? Brightly patterned, fashionable but with a retro look, which I love.
And its comfortable as well, the ergonomics is great--try one yourself!
Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and as always, Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Check out the newest piece to be added to the Arrow/Kangaroo lineup, the Boomerang. This multi-purpose piece is great for sewing and crafting, but the juicy little detail that people don't know is that it can be used for just about anything. The Boomerang can be used as a piece of office furniture for the work at home businessperson, or is a great wall piece for any student. The Slide-Away Table opens up to give you 29 square feet of work space and allows room for 3 people. The shelves are adjustable to allow for storage of just about anything from
clothes to journals, files and computers to electronic equipment and, of course, fabrics and sewing and craft equipment. There are 3 large drawers for even more storage that roll out to add more work space. This piece is truely a universal wonder. Some might even call it a "Magic Box" And at a reasonable price who could resist. In fact, our own employees are buying these for themselves because it is just "too nice to pass up."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!

For all the great moms out there that never get the recognition they deserve I say to you, "Thanks for being so such a great mom" Enjoy these Mother's Day jokes :)

Three old ladies were sitting around a table. The first says, "I'm getting
so forgetful­ I was standing at the top of the stairs and I couldn't
remember whether I was going down or had just come up."The second lady says,
"You think that's bad? The other day I was sitting on my bed and I couldn't
remember whether I was going to sleep or getting up." The third lady smiles
smugly. "Well, I have no memory problems at all, knock wood."She raps the table.
"Who's there?"

There was an elderly lady whom was waiting in the waiting room with her daughter.The nurse entered the waiting area and announced for the elderly lady to go on back to see the doctor. The nurse spoke louder but still she could not hear.
The elderly lady's daughter leaned over and said, "mother let's turn your hearing aid up." Then she yelled in shock,"That's not your hearing aid, its a suppository!
The elderly mother replied,"Well, now I know where my hearing aid went!

A state trooper pulled a car over and told the man driving that he was going 50 mph in a 40 mph zone. "I was only going 40!" the driver protested. "Not according to my radar," the trooper said. "Yes, I was!" the man shouted back. "No you weren't!" the trooper said. With that, the man's wife leaned toward the window and said, 'Officer, I should warn you not to argue with my husband when he's been drinking."

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Need help finding a sewing machine?

Are you looking to purchase a new sewing machine to either start sewing or to add to your inventory? Well I have found a great website to help. I was looking to upgrade from my old machine to something with more bells and whistles and boy did I get some great tips and reviews from This easy-to-navigate website offers information on all the big named sewing machines such as: history, what can it offer the consumer, where to shop, what to watch for and tons more. Not only is there info on sewing machines but embroidery machines, industrial machines and cabinets as well. You have to check this site out!!!