Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fiskateers Giveaway

Arrow Cabinets and Fiskar recently just picked their winner for the dream sewing room giveaway two weeks ago. Congratulations to Heather Quamme for having the messiest room imaginable...j/k. She won't have that title anymore however. She won the stylish new White Olivia Sewing Cabinet and matching Pixie cutting table. Along with that she won from Fiskar a ton of goodies. All participants received a craft bag and a $50 dollar off coupon to the dealer closest to them or an internet dealer. It may be too late to win a dream sewing room, but anyone who sends pics of their messy sewing area to us at can receive a $50 off coupon in hopes to persuade their hubby to buy a new sewing cabinet to help organize that mess.


  1. Rebecca gave us your blog address the other day and I have been reading through and came across this and just had to leave a HUGE THANK YOU!! I am a fiskateer,Donna #4454, and I had tried for the Olivia. My room was not messy enough LOL, but your craft bag and coupon gift was awesome! Thank you again!

  2. How wonderful !!!! My room is VERY MESSY...and I am trying to clean up my act !! Thank you so much for all you do for us LUCKY Fiskateers !!
    It is MUCH appreciated !!