Friday, February 20, 2009

Jo in the Arrow Customer Care Office

Hi everyone! This is Jo and it's my first time blogging! So I guess that I will just try to introduce myself. I have been with Arrow since June, 2008 and feel very lucky to be involved with the introduction of the Kangaroo Kabinets which are awesome!
I, personally have Bertha in my home sewing room and she has been a great home for my old faithful, Viking #1 and my newer Viking Designer SE. I use my machines for quilting and embroidering and have at least three quilting projects in various stages at all times. I am soon going to be teaching my fellow Arrow associates a basic quilting class! I am hoping that they enjoy it. Stop back to hear their comments and progress!
It will be a change for us from building the cabinets to sewing on them.


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